Paint & Bodywork Services

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair AylesburyMop polishing/detailing:

Is your paint work is fading or do you have minor scratches in the lacquer?
We can mop polish and detail your car with top quality products to bring back the depth and shine of your vehicles paintwork, to make it look like new; and for a smaller cost to your wallet than re-spraying! We start by polishing out the imperfections using a cutting compound and a polisher then we wax the polished area to lock the shine in until the paintwork reflects like a mirror.

Detailing is where we inspect the whole of your vehicles external paintwork and correct any imperfections that we find. Stone chips and scratches will disappear as we work our magic on your vehicle, giving you a spotless, perfect finish for a show quality vehicle.

Headlight refurbishment:

Are your headlights as clear as they should be? Or have they gone ‘milky’ or ‘cloudy’? This could be an MOT failure.
We can refurbish the lenses, making them crystal clear again, at a fraction of the cost of a new headlight.

To do this we mop polish the headlights using a cutting compound, to clean the cloudiness away from the lenses. If this treatment does not clean the headlights sufficiently, we can then re-lacquer the lenses with a lacquer designed specially for headlights; guaranteed to bring your headlights back to full beam!

Touch ins:

Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Buckingham
Does your vehicle have small stone chips or minor defects in the paintwork?
We can touch them in using carefully matched, top quality paint, expertly applied, so you won’t notice them anymore.


As we have the skills to do bodywork, paintwork and mechanics, we can offer restorations to almost any vehicle.
This could simply be some mechanical work to get the vehicle running again, repainting the shell so it looks as good as new, or a complete overhaul of the vehicle, customising it to your specifications.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to discuss your requirements.

Full repaints:

Do you need a panel re-painting? Or a full re-spray in the original colour? Or a complete colour change?!
There can be many reasons to repaint your car: damage to the panels; extremely faded paintwork; or simply wanting a colour change! Whatever your reason, we can help. We can offer top quality work combined with top quality products to bring your vehicle back to top condition.
Contact us to discuss the processes we can offer and the variety of options open to you to achieve the look you require for your vehicle, and have a browse through our photo gallery.
Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Milton Keynes

Mobile alloy wheel repair:

Everyone at some point will curb/ mark their wheels; no need to worry as we can help.
We can refurbish your wheels, making them look as good as new, by carefully sanding them down, priming, painting and lacquering them, using top quality products. Fancy a colour change? We can paint them whatever colour you would like.

We can refurbish any wheels that you would like done, no matter what size or make. You can choose whether you only want the facia painted or if you would like both the front and rear done. If you have cracked or buckled wheels, we can arrange for them to be welded or straightened depending on the damage, before we paint them for you.

Smart repairs:

What is a smart repair?
It is when, rather than repainting a full panel due to scratches or damage, we repair the damage and then only repaint over the repaired area, blending the colour into the panel. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the repaired area and the original colour!
We offer smart repairs when the damaged area is small, removing the need to paint the whole panel. Smart, and saves you money!